@RealEstateCo Body Corporate Management will provide you with a full range of services. Our commitment to you is to provide a level of customer service that is ‘second to none’ and to manage your property efficiently whilst maintaining all legal requirements.

Financial Management

  • Opening, maintaining and operating the body corporate bank/trust accounts
  • Preparation of body corporate budgets
  • Invoicing, collecting and banking body corporate contribution/levy notices
  • Paying of body corporate approved invoices
  • Keeping body corporate accounting records
  • Preparing financial accounts
  • Arranging the audit of the financial accounts


  • Keeping the body corporate roll and register up to date
  • Preparation of agendas for meetings
  • Taking minutes of meetings and distributing minutes of meetings
  • Arranging and attending the annual General Meeting and committee meetings


  • Maintaining required level of body corporate insurance up to date including paying premiums, lodging claims and getting quotes when needed, and providing certificates of currency
  • Receive and acknowledge all body corporate correspondence

Other Services

  • Assessing maintenance requirements as and when required
  • Ensuring property is maintained to standard required by owners
  • Getting quotes and providing suitable options for maintenance issues
  • Getting emergency repairs attended to ASAP
  • Our dedicated team is always available to answer your call and emails
  • We are on call 24/7 for emergencies

@RealEstateCo “One Stop Shop” of Services

  • Real Estate – Sales and Property Management
  • Home Loans and Financial Planning

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